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Hi, I'm Dr. Edoabasi (Edo) McGee

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And I am the Founder of S.E.W. Mental Wellness Coaching.

I am a woman of strong faith in Jesus, a wife to my favorite zaddy of almost 10 years, a boymom to two full throttle boys, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, an educator, a pharmacist and a breast cancer survivor.

Here is my Breast Cancer Recovery Story.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2017, I completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy and then a double mastectomy.  After surgery in October of 2017 , I had still moments that allowed me to reflect.  I went from disbelief at the start of treatment to depression after surgery.  I felt like I was staring into a huge hole of darkness and despair with no end in sight.  I was going to be bald, breast-less and without nipples or a belly button.  I felt like I would look like a freak forever.  I shared this with my oncologist and she suggested I go see a therapist to discuss some of the things I had described to her.  My therapist was instrumental in helping me unpack the mental aftermath of the diagnosis.

I discovered then that the missing link in my recovery was mental wellness.  I have really come a long way since therapy - I have gained a new sense of self-awareness that helped me grow and mature. Giving me hope and courage to do the things I once thought were scary, like looking at my naked body in the mirror  and feeling confident despite my nipples-less breasts and missing belly button. As a high-achieving professional woman, I had to dig deeper to satisfy my personal intricacies. I dug deeper into self development to further improve my mental wellness beyond therapy. That's where I learned about the role of a certified peer mental health specialist (CPS-MH) in recovery.  I became a CPS-MH in my home state of Georgia. The wellness recovery framework used by CPS-MH has been transformational to my mental wellness on my breast cancer recovery journey.  Now I help young, high-achieving professionals diagnosed with breast  cancer, to transform their lives on their recovery journey by promoting mental health as a critical part of overall wellness.  I empower them to recognize that their goals, hopes and dreams are still possible despite breast cancer.

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